Welcome to the Eastbourne Speakers Club

Are you looking to develop speaking and leadership skills; Win that job interview or even ignite your career? Do you dread speaking in front of others? If you do, you’re not alone.

According to many surveys, speaking in public is one of the most common fears held by people. Come to learn, practice and improve your public speaking skills in a safe and supportive environment. If you think speaking in public is an important skill to have, come and join us, visitors are most welcome.

Eastbourne Speakers’ Club is affiliated to Toastmasters International, a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending our club that is part of a worldwide global network of clubs. Membership in Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. At £49.99 every six months, it is also one of the most cost-effective skill-building tools available anywhere.

The organisation grew out of a single club, Smedley Chapter One Club, which would become the first Toastmasters club. It was founded by Ralph C. Smedley on October 22, 1924, so it is now 90 years old. Toastmasters International has helped people of all backgrounds become more confident in front of an audience.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills. It teaches public speaking and leadership skills through its worldwide network of clubs.

Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Visitors can come for free.

The organisation has more than 313,000 members in 126 countries, through its over 14,650 member clubs.

Toastmaster members belong to local clubs, which generally have between 10 and 40 members, with 20 members being a typical size. The local clubs meet on a regular basis for members to practice various skills useful in public speaking, including giving speeches, speaking off the cuff, listening, and providing each other with feedback and evaluation.

Competition winners

Congratulations to Steve Neesam and Nigel McDonald in winning the club competitions on Wednesday 21st March. Steve will represent the club for the international Speech contest, competing against representatives of four other clubs in the Area;  Nigel won our evaluation...

Fern Lulham

I joined Toastmasters in autumn 2016. Having presented on radio stations in the UK and America, I was keen to channel my thirst for communication into a new, creative area. I had recently started my own business in motivational speaking...
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