Christopher Whippy

Before Toastmasters, the thought of standing up in front of people to speak was intimidating even if exciting. I lacked the confidence in my own ability to give a speech which would capture the imagination of the audience no matter the speech topic.  I Joined Toastmasters in August 2014 and have no regrets. Eastbourne Speakers has given me more confidence in my own abilities to stand in front of people and give the speech. The club has provided the framework which helps me improve a number of areas of public speaking whether it is the structure and organisation of the speech or if it is the delivery.

As with most skills, the best way of improving your public speaking is by practice and Eastbourne Speakers has given me the facility where I can practice my public speaking in front of a supportive audience who will also provide honest and constructive feedback. The lessons I have learned from Eastbourne Speakers have helped me outside of the club as well.  I recommend Toastmasters to anyone as it has really helped me.