Claire Carpenter

I joined Toastmasters in July 2010 in order to improve my public speaking.  I had just published two children’s books and thought speaking would be a good way to promote them.  I loved Toastmasters immediately and learned so much – not just how to craft and deliver a strong speech, but also how to cope with nerves.  My confidence improved in all areas of my life, and I found myself delivering more and more speeches.  After a while I had other people asking me to help them with their own presentations and I became a speaking coach for people in business.  A few months ago I was offered a job as a full time professional speechwriter.  I love my job and am so grateful that Toastmasters started me on this journey.  I still attend meetings whenever I can, as I still learn at each meeting, and I have made life-long friendships there.  Toastmasters is a high quality learning experience of extraordinary value and I recommend it to anyone who wants to build their confidence as well as developing their speaking and leadership skills.