Dorothy Margison

Becoming a widow at the age of 80, she had to make a new life, and went along to a Toastmasters meeting with a friend, there was a party at another members’ house where they were greeted like old friends, that was July 2009, and she joined in the September 2009 and is still a member.

She belongs to Eastbourne & Battle Speakers clubs, have been to many Conferences, where she has learnt a lot, and made lots of younger friends. She is often jokingly referred to as being 136 but feels 40.

What does she get out of it? A lot of love from everyone, being treated as one of them, no one treats her as an oldie. She has worked through her first manual the Competent Communicator and has now just achieved her Advanced Communicator Silver Award. She has been the President of Eastbourne Speakers’ Club, and assisted the Area 55 Governor. She enjoys going to meetings at many other clubs, where she is made most welcome.