Fern Lulham

I joined Toastmasters in autumn 2016. Having presented on radio stations in the UK and America, I was keen to channel my thirst for communication into a new, creative area. I had recently started my own business in motivational speaking and saw it as an opportunity to meet new people and expand my speaking style.

Little did I know it then, but the people at Eastbourne Speakers have since become like a family to me. They are always incredibly supportive of everything I do, challenge me to keep developing all the time and believe in me when nerves make me doubt myself. There is an infectious positivity within this club, which never fails to make me come away with a big smile on my face. This has helped me to flourish and strive to reach my full potential.

Toastmasters is perfect to make friends, have fun and unlock a deep confidence in yourself you may have never known you had. I hope to see you there soon!