Meg Heyworth

Born in the early 1950’s Meg came from a background of woman being expected to stop work when they got married so careers were not on the agenda. Her dad said” Just find a job until you get married, you don’t need an education”

She went on to become The Director of an Enterprise Agency helping small businesses get off the ground, many of which are still in operation. In her later years she lost the knack of talking to people so joined Toastmasters to regain her confidence. This was such a success that she started a new business of her own helping people find their voice and marketing pitch for their business. She is a member of four clubs because each one helps her in different areas of public speaking. She has joined a debating club to assist speaking off the cuff. A story telling club as this helps with giving a speech a purpose.

She has been in Toastmasters since 2002 and cannot envisage a week without a club meeting somewhere. She professes to be addicted to Toastmasters as it has changed her life from worry to welcome when it comes to speaking in public.