New Year, New You

New and experienced club members have 10 good reasons for coming to club meeting regularly. You will strengthen the quality of your club and the member experience. Share ideas, experiences and the wisdom you have acquired, and learn from other members through their feedback.



  1. Network, find new friends and learn about the amazing mix of people who live in Eastbourne.
  2. Share your personal and career goals—you never know what connections you might make.
  3. Bring your friends as guests and introduce them to the perfect opportunity for learning to speak in public.
  4. Explore the roles within a club meeting and by bring along the Competent Leadership Manual to be filled in you are considering for next year. Whether you make inquiries at your training table or during social time, this is a great way to learn about the duties, challenges and benefits of other positions.
  5. Discuss any problems you may have, there is always a listening ear and a friendly smile.
  6. Build on personal relationships you formed at the last meeting.
  7. Revisit goals you set in January last year, and determine the best use of your time and energy to meet the challenge of reaching them.
  8. Think about filling an officer position by volunteering to assist someone now, you’ll learn about any guidelines that are there to assist.