Steve Neesam

If you want to improve your presentation skills you can find lots of weekend courses that will cost you hundreds of pounds. the chances are that on the Monday morning you’ll be pretty good but by Friday evening you’ll have forgotten a lot of it.

I wanted to improve my presentation skills as I conduct workshops in my job. I “googled” and found these weekend courses but before committing, I typed in “Speaking Courses in Eastbourne” and Toastmasters came up. I went along to a meeting (you can go to a couple free of charge to see if it’s for you) and immediately felt the warmth of the welcome.

Unlike those expensive weekend courses, here you can keep practising, can make mistakes safely, get supportive feedback and constantly improve your skills and confidence. My confidence has improved greatly since I joined two years ago and I’ve become a better speaker.

If you want to improve your Public Speaking skills go on to one of those weekend courses or pop along to the Landsdowne and see if this is better for you.