Tara Samiepour

Tara Samieipour

I can sincerely say one of the best things I have done in my life was joining ” The Speakers Club”.  I have always been passionate about public speaking and it was by talking to a friend that I heard about the Eastbourne group; at the time I had relocated from London to Eastbourne and I was finding it difficult to settle in in my new surroundings. 
Speakers club has helped me enormously with my self-confidence; I have met a lot of friendly people who have encouraged me to improve and do better. The meetings are informative and educational and the same time, great fun; filled with laughter.  I leave every meeting with the knowledge that I have learned something new to work on. I can also say that is the only place where during the whole of the meeting, I am totally present and focused; this is another skill I have gained which is improving on my listening skills; this is also an important part of public speaking .
I can honestly say The Speakers Club in Eastbourne is the place I am at my happiest and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning new skills and meeting a group of nice people.